About Us & History

Sea Breeze is the largest fourth generation independent, family-owned manufacturer and distributor of Premium Beverages On Tap in the Metro New York – New Jersey Area since 1925.

We carry hundreds of products and serve thousands of customers delivered by our own company fleet promptly and courteously, and with no middleman involved, the cost savings are passed along to you! We provide Premium Beverages On Tap, not bottles or cans, making Sea Breeze a “granddaddy” of Green.

Our beverage and syrup selection span a wide variety including:

  • Carbonated
  • Non-Carbonated
  • Diet
  • Iced Teas & Lemonade – Vitamin C fortified
  • Real Fruit Juices
  • Flavored Waters – Vitamin B Fortified
  • Energy Drink
  • Cocktail Mixers
  • Smoothies
  • Coffee Concentrates
  • Plus…Milkshake Bases and Dessert Syrups
  • such as our famous Bosco® Chocolate Syrup.

With both national and regional brand products, we custom install dispensing equipment designed to each facility’s needs, and we provide emergency repair service 365 days a year. Every style business; from restaurants, bars, clubs, healthcare facilities, schools, catering halls and more can benefit from Sea Breeze’s attentive and dependable service. We treat our customers better than family!

Sea Breeze History
In 1916, Barnet Sanders left Poland and came to the United States to create a new life for himself, his wife Millie and his young sons Jack and Murray.

Barnet was a seltzer man by trade and that was his plan for life in America. He expected to stay with relatives.  The family arrived during a terrible snowstorm. The last address they had for their American relatives was in Paterson, New Jersey. Barnet and his family traveled from Ellis Island to Paterson, only to discover that their relatives had moved to the New York Catskills. Undeterred, the Sanders family took a horse and trotted through the snow, and kept on going until they reached the Catskills. There, Barnet set up shop in a barn to make seltzer.

Barnet soon realized that there were not enough seltzer drinkers in the Catskills for him to make a living and returned to Paterson to pursue his American dream.

In 1925, Barnet started the Service Fruit Flavor Manufacturing Company, a business that both bottled seltzer as well as created flavored syrups for seltzer and water. After making and bottling the beverages, Barnet would transport them to his customers’ homes and businesses. To satisfy all those thirsty people, he carried glass bottles of seltzer and syrup on his shoulders, up and down many flights of steps. He worked hard. Business was so good that eventually he was able to hire workers.

Barnet’s son, Jack, followed in his father’s footsteps, adding more American innovations. Jack created the “Sea Breeze” brand name to sound more refreshing. The business kept expanding and outgrew three factories.

In 1984, Jack’s son, Steve, moved Sea Breeze to 441 Main Road in Towaco, New Jersey. In 2005, Steve’s son Josh joined the business as a 4th generation family member.

Sea Breeze has grown far beyond the wildest dreams of one immigrant seltzer man, but it has never strayed far from its roots. Quality, service, and integrity are the hallmarks of this successful multi-generational family business.

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