Custom Pack

Sea Breeze Provides custom formulations of sodas, juices, energy drinks, teas, smoothies, chocolate syrups, pancake syrups and anything else you can dream of! Minimum batch size of 2,000 gallons in the following packaging types:

● 12 fl oz HDPE or PVC
● 18 fl oz HDPE
● 24 fl oz Polypropylene
● 1 Liter PET
● 1 Gallon HDPE
● 2, 3 or 5 gallon Bag-In-Box

Food Safety

Here at Sea Breeze our goal is to ensure food and product safety.

We maintain a clean and safe practice to make sure we provide our customers with quality products.

● AIB International "Superior" Certification
● QAI Certified
● Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher Certified for All Products
● Full-Scale Quality Assurance and Testing Laboratory
● Initiatives: HACCP, Food Defense, Emergency
Response, Recycling