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Why Choose Sea Breeze?

Why Choose Sea Breeze?

Partner With Us!

Partner with Sea Breeze for 90+ years of expertise in beverage concentrates and equipment, tailored to your needs. We're your trusted partner for quality, prompt service, and customer satisfaction.

Who We Serve

Healthcare Facilities, Catering Halls, Camps, Restaurants, and Nightlife such as bars and clubs are just a few of the locations we provide our premium beverages.

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Green Initiative

Our 3-gallon bag-in-box will create 384 12oz drinks with ice and minimal packaging. Compare that to 16 cases (12, 12oz cans) of soda! All the aluminum waste and extra packaging eliminated! ​

The minimal packaging costs of our products add up to real savings for you: consider all the extra cost of the aluminum cans and bottles! Plus shipping, storage, refrigeration, handling, and disposal.

We recycle over 95% of the waste leaving our production facility, including corrugated, paper, plastic & metal.

Sea Breeze Eco Friendly Products
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Our Story

In 1916, Barnet Sanders left Poland with his wife Millie and their young sons, Jack and Murray, to create a new life in the United States. Barnet, a seltzer man by trade, had envisioned a future in America, intending to stay with relatives. Their arrival, however, coincided with a severe snowstorm, and their only known address for American relatives was in Paterson, New Jersey.

1916 Snow Storm

Customer Reviews

Casa Bianca

Anthony Wtulich

"We've been with Sea Breeze for 13+ years and couldn't be happier. Things have always arrived on time, you've worked with us in regards to payments, and always provided fantastic service all around."

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Trade Organization

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