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Banquet/Catering Halls Fountain Solutions

New York City’s and New Jersey's catering and banquet halls host some of the most memorable events in a person’s life. Catering halls often offer a variety of beverages on tap to cater to the preferences of their guests. 


It's vital to consider their clientele's preferences and the event's nature when deciding which beverages to offer on tap. Various options ensure guests have a wide selection and can enjoy their favorite beverages during the special occasion.


When operating a banquet or catering hall, don't leave your beverages up to chance and trust a family-owned company that’s served customers for almost 100 years in the New York-New Jersey area. Sea Breeze specializes in designing and installing profitable beverage dispensing systems with premium products on tap. 

Banquet Hall

Benefits of Partnering with Sea Breeze:

  • Delicious Fountain Beverage Solutions (Soda, Juices, Lemonade, Teas, Cocktail Mixers, etc.)

  • A large Variety of Equipment for Rent (Ice Machines, Bar Guns, Dishwashers, Coffee Systems, etc.)

  • Environmentally Friendly with Minimal Cost for Packaging (3-gallon bag-in-box will create 384 12oz drinks versus 16 cases of (12) 12oz aluminum cans)

  • Professional Emergency Repair Service 365 Days/Year

  • Easy Bill Pay Available Online

  • Unmatched Customer Service

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