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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a large selection of products?
    Yes, we have Ice Teas & Lemonades, Juices, Flavored Water, Carbonated and Non Carbonated beverages, Cocktail & Smoothie Mixers, Liquid Coffee Concentrates, Dessert & Breakfast Syrups, and Compressed Gas. (View our product page for more info.)
  • Are your prices competitive?
    Yes! We don’t have major overhead costs from advertising and marketing and we manufacture the products locally in the Metro NY-NJ area, so there are no middle-man costs. We offer the best overall value with product selection and service.
  • How can I pay?
    We accept cash, checks, online payments & credit cards (with a 3% charge). Visit pay now for more information
  • Is there a delivery fee?
    Yes it is a $15 fee for orders with less than 6 pieces (it is free for 6 or more). Emergency delivery fee is $30 - this includes delivery on non-scheduled days NJ delivery days are Tuesday and Thursday | NY delivery days are Wednesday and Friday
  • Can I pick up the product?
    Yes, just call ahead and specify you will be picking it up.
  • Do you carry National Brands?
    Yes we manufacture Royal Crown Cola, Diet Rite Cola, 7UP, Stewart’s Root Beer, Goslings Ginger Beer, Jones Cola, Arizona, Dr Pepper and Bosco Chocolate Syrup. Please see our product page for more information.
  • Do your products have a long shelf life?
    Yes, all product expiration dates are listed directly on the product packaging. If the products are stored in a cool, dry place, you can extend the life of the product.
  • Do you rotate our inventory?
    No, we recommend that you rotate your products. However, upon request, we can help you separate your product by its “Best When Used By” date and help rotate your inventory.
  • Do you provide the dispensing equipment? Is it leased, loaned, sold, etc?"
    Yes, we do provide all dispending equipment. If your expected purchases are 800 gallons of syrup/year or more, we can typically provide a single unit dispensing system at no charge. If between 400-799 gallons/year, equipment monthly rental is offered at 50% market value.
  • What happens if my equipment is not working?
    Call 800-SEA-BREEZE and a service technician will come to your facility to fix the problem. We have service technicians on call 365 days a year until 9 pm every night. We guarantee emergency repair service within 24 hours and can typically arrive the same day. If the service is on Sea Breeze equipment, then there is no charge for general repairs and upkeep.
  • Will your driver hook up the product to our system?
    Yes, upon request, we are happy to connect/replenish your product and CO2 to your system while we are on premise. It is best to contact when needed and we will send some out in a timely manner.
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