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Restaurant Beverage Solutions

At Sea Breeze, we provide New Jersey and New York City-based restaurants with a wide range of beverage options, making it easier for your customers to choose their favorite drink while dining. We have many fountain beverage solutions, including sodas, juices, teas, lemonades, and other delicious options!


Besides being convenient and efficient, we also offer restaurants beverage equipment such as fountain & juice dispensers, soda gun systems, and ice machines that help save money on their beverage costs.


Leveraging our equipment, restaurant owners can reduce the amount of waste and maximize their profits. Therefore, investing in high-quality soda fountain machines is an innovative, strategic plan for any restaurant owner who wants to enhance the customer experience and increase revenue.


To learn more about our products and services for restaurants, contact our team directly by filling out the form below. You can also call our customer service department at (800) SEA.BREEZE.

Sea Breeze Restaurants

Benefits of Partnering with Sea Breeze:

  • Delicious Fountain Beverage Solutions (Soda, Juices, Lemonade, Teas, Cocktail Mixers, etc.)

  • A large Variety of Equipment for Rent (Ice Machines, Bar Guns, Dishwashers, Coffee Systems, etc.)

  • Environmentally Friendly with Minimal Cost for Packaging (3-gallon bag-in-box will create 384 12oz drinks versus 16 cases of (12) 12oz aluminum cans)

  • Professional Emergency Repair Service 365 Days/Year

  • Easy Bill Pay Available Online

  • Unmatched Customer Service


Proud Members

New York State Restaurant Association
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