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3 Innovative Ways Restaurants and Bars Can Save Money with Beverage & Equipment Solutions

Updated: Jan 10

According to the National Restaurant Association, a failure rate of 30% is considered normal within the restaurant industry. With restaurant failure rates so high, how can you ensure your food-service business has the best chance of success?

You want to cut costs in every aspect of your restaurant or bar. It can be challenging to save money without compromising the quality of the food and service. This article will explore three ways Restaurants and Bars save money using a beverage solution and quality equipment.

Implementing the Right Beverage Fountain Dispenser System

This right-dispense beverage system is designed to contain the carbonated drink components before they are distributed and to dispense these drinks to ensure that you receive quality carbonated beverages throughout your entire service in your restaurant.

These fountain dispensers serve more than just carbonated drinks. These dispensers can also be used to distribute other beverages, such as lemonade and tea, and they can even distribute specialized flavors for seasonal drinks.

You must ensure that your sodas are dispensed with the correct amount of soda mix and CO2 to provide an excellent soda experience to your customers. You will save money by using the right quick-dispense system. CO2 This will reduce the number of sub-par sodas and increase the total number of sodas per bag.

Leverage Equipment Rental Programs

You don't have to buy all equipment for your business. You can reduce your monthly bar and restaurant expenses by leasing equipment. You won't be able to build equity, but the monthly payments are lower. This allows you to invest the savings back into your business. If you are new to renting equipment, this page contains valuable tips for avoiding overpaying.

Maintaining a good quality beverage system program is more than just design. Equipment in the kitchen and bar needs to be regularly maintained. For example, an espresso machine should be backflushed weekly with detergent every few days. All beverage equipment requires similar maintenance. If you keep up with these needs, you could avoid expensive repair and replacement expenses.

Reduce Costly Waste from the Bar

Is your bartender too generous with pouring shots? Are they using a disproportionate amount of alcohol versus liquors to make cocktails? Do they cut too many limes and lemons as garnishes and then throw them away at the end? Do they double up on straws? So the question now becomes, how can your bar equipment save your business money?

One surefire way to reduce costs from waste at your bar is to ensure your drinks are kept at the correct temperature. This will allow your customers to receive the best possible glasses and decrease the likelihood of them sending a drink back. A well-maintained beverage dispenser will increase the probability that all drinks are always kept at their correct temperature.

These are just three ways restaurant and bar owners can save money while earning more profits for their business by utilizing the correct beverage system and equipment programs. If you want to speak with a beverage specialist, don't hesitate to contact Sea Breeze today. We've served customers in the Tri-State area for nearly 100 years.

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