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Thickened Water

Sea Breeze Thickened Water contains 3-gallon bag-in-box offers a smooth nectar and honey-thickened water consistency, promoting both acceptance and safety for individuals with dysphagia.

Mildly & Moderate Thick

Automatically blends with Juice bag-in-boxes

  • Minimizes waste & saves time

  • Calorie, Sugar & Carbohydrate Free

  • Remains Consistent

  • No Added Flavors

  • Use your Existing Gun System

  • Kosher, Gluten-Free, & Dairy-Free

  • Major Savings

Major Savings over 4 oz. P/C (or 64 oz. Pack) Typically 40% or More!


Perfect for Nursing Homes & Healthcare Facilities!

Thickened Water Machine

We have technicians available to help
9 AM - 9 PM, 365 days a year!

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