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Sea Breeze provides Commercial Dishwashers for rent which are well-designed and easy to operate. Provides clean dishes for your business. Contact our team today to learn more.

Commercial Dishwasher


  • Solids Advantage

    • No more cumbersome 5-gallon buckets taking up space under the machine​

  • 21.5" Door Clearence

    • Easier more ergonomic access for loading and removing Wares.​

  • Powerful 1.5 HP Motor

    • Highest in the industry, providing Increased Agitation for One Pass Cleaning, 1st time, every time!​

Dishwasher Solids Advantage

Solids Advantage

Dishwasher 21.5" Door Clearance

21.5" Door Clearance

Dishwasher Powerful 1.5 HP Motor

Powerful 1.5 HP Motor


  • Free Site Survey and Pre-Construction Consultation​

  • 12 Monthly Billing Cycles, not 26 Bi-weekly Billing Cycles​

  •  Professional Delivery and Installation​

  • 24 Hour Customer Call Center and Smartphone APP


We have technicians available to help
9 AM - 9 PM, 365 days a year!

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