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PET Bottle, Cartridges, and HDPE Jug

Custom Pack Syrups

Sea Breeze provides custom formulations of sodas, juices, energy drinks, teas, smoothies, chocolate syrups, pancake syrups, and anything else you can dream of! Contact us for a quote!

Fill out the Custom Pack Product Questionnaire below to get started!

Partnering with Sea Breeze, a full-line beverage concentrate and syrup manufacturer since 1925, is an easy and efficient way to get your products to market.


Our manufacturing facility in New Jersey produces millions of units of beverage concentrates and syrups annually, and we have additional capacity available. We offer flexibility in batch sizes ranging from one thousand to three thousand gallons. 


Various HDPE, polypropylene, PET, multilayer BIB, and PVC packaging options are available for liquid thermally processed and ambient fill products. View our custom pack syrups to see the different options we offer our customers.


We can create the formulation, or you can provide us with your custom formulation and non-common ingredients. Select your packaging, and we will take it from there. Your order is blended, quality-controlled, packaged, affixed with your brand label, tamper-evidently sealed, packed, palletized, and ready for pick up within weeks. 

The Following Packaging Types are Available:

1 Litter PET Bottle

1 L | 750 mL
PET Bottle

2 gallon or 3 gallon Bag-in-Box

2 G | 3 G

Sea Breeze Packaging Capabilities 


We pride ourselves on the capabilities of our facility and Team. We develop and manufacture a wide variety of beverage concentrates and syrups, including:


  • Fountain Beverages

  • Chocolate Syrups

  • Cocktail Mixers

  • Flavored Syrups for Coffee

  • Dessert Syrups

  • Pancake Syrups

  • Juice Concentrates



Quality Control


Sea Breeze stands by the quality of our co-packing and contract-packing products and go to great lengths to ensure that you receive consistent, high-quality, and safe products for your business.


Our manufacturing facilities include a full on-site laboratory and a Quality Control Team, which performs a battery of testing, including microbiological studies to guarantee equipment cleanliness and full product integrity.




Our shelf-stable products are filled at the facility in large and small batches based on your needs. Our nine blend tanks and three packaging lines are ready to fill your order to your specs:

- Gallon and Cartridge Line

- Bag-in-Box 

- Consumer Products Line (for 12oz, 15oz,  20oz,  22oz,  24oz, 750mL & 1L bottles)



Packing and Shipping


We offer various packaging options from HDPE, polypropylene, PET, multilayer BIB and PVC bottles.


Once your order is blended, quality-checked, filled, labeled, and packaged, it is stored at our facility and ready for pickup.

Food Safety

We at Sea Breeze, ensure food safety and quality specifications with our skilled in-house regulatory and quality assurance departments within our world-class manufacturing facility.

Sea Breeze Facility


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