Premium Beverages
On Tap Since 1925

Mission: To be consistent, ethical and nice, while

providing the best overall value beverages, syrups,

and service in our market.

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Bar guns & beverage dispensing systems-custom designed & installed specifically for your location.

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Sparkling flavored waters, colas, juices, iced teas, lemonades, smoothies, cocktail mixers, as well

as national brands.

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Repair Service

Emergency repair service

365 days a year,

9 AM - 9 PM.

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Rapid delivery multiple

days per week, easy online

and phone ordering!

New Jersey - Tues & Thurs

New York - Wed & Fri

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Sea Breeze is the largest fourth-generation independent, family-owned manufacturer and distributor of Premium Beverages On Tap in the Metro New York-New Jersey Area since 1925.


We offer hundreds of products and our clients serve tens of millions of drinks per year!

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We offer hundreds of products and our clients serve tens of millions of drinks per year! Choose from carbonated sodas, iced teas, juices, energy drinks, lemonade, cocktail mixers, smoothie mixes, and more. We deliver with our company-owned fleet promptly and courteously. With no middleman involved,

the cost savings are passed along to you!

Deal directly with the manufacturer.

Beverages & Syrups

Want a Sea Breeze Cocktail? How about a Bosco chocolate martini? (Check out our recipe page.) We got you covered, with our wide selection of flavors to turn you into a mixology expert. Our selection includes sodas, juices, teas, lemonades, cocktail mixers, dessert syrups, and more!

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Sea Breeze Cocktail Drinks

We Serve You!

All of us at Sea Breeze, take pride in our excellent service to Healthcare, Pub/Tavern/Nightclubs, Catering, Restaurants and many more venues. We offer a variety of beverages to satisfy everyone's taste buds from juices, coffees, Ice Teas, and countless alternative delicious beverages.


Installation and Service

An experienced beverage consultant will visit your location to help custom design the best equipment for YOU. We'll schedule an install date and our team of install technicians will install the dispensing equipment to your satisfaction.  Anytime thereafter, if you have a question or trouble with your system, we have technicians available to help 9 am-9 pm 365 days a year!  

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