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3 Reasons Soda Fountain Machines are Better for Your Business than Bottles & Cans

Updated: Jan 10

When starting a business that serves food and drinks, one of the many important decisions you must make is whether or not to offer bottles and cans or installing a soda fountain dispenser. Whether soda fountain machines are better for your food service business than bottles and cans depends on various factors and your business's specific needs and circumstances.

In this article, we examine three important reasons why soda fountain machines are more beneficial to your business than offering just bottles and cans.

Increase Profitability

Soda fountain machines can help you increase your profits by reducing costs and increasing sales. This sounds very simple: less costs + more money per sale = higher profit margins. For example, selling 100 sodas daily could save up to $1,000 per month by switching from bottles and cans to a soda fountain machine. It's also worth noting that bottles and cans must be regularly restocked. By using alternative dispensing methods, you can reduce the frequency of restocking and the associated labor and time costs.

Adding to this concept is the versatility these dispensers provide. Soda fountain machines can dispense various beverages, including soda, flavored water, and juice. This can help you to expand your menu and offer more variety to your customers. Not using a soda fountain dispenser will impact your business by the higher per-unit cost of bottled and canned beverages versus fountain drinks. Another important thing to remember is that while soda fountains require maintenance, it is typically less frequent and less costly than managing inventory and disposal of bottles and cans.

Helps Reduce Waste

This is a no-brainer: soda fountain machines will help reduce waste generated by single-use bottles and cans, contributing to environmental sustainability. Soda fountain machines also help reduce waste by dispensing different portion sizes and, more importantly, reducing the amount of plastic & aluminum waste your business produces from bottles and cans.

With many customers becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, demonstrating a commitment to reducing waste and environmental impact can enhance your brand's reputation and attract environmentally aware consumers.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

In business, consistency is the key to sustaining customer satisfaction. Soda fountain machines dispense soda at a consistent temperature and carbonation level, which ensures that your customers always get a great-tasting drink. Another essential thing to remember is when dispensing freshly mixed drinks, you will ensure that customers receive a fresh, cold beverage with every order. This can lead to higher quality and better taste than pre-packaged bottles or cans.

Some businesses offer free or low-cost refills with the purchase of a fountain drink, encouraging customers to return and make repeat purchases, thereby increasing customer loyalty. This is essential to improving customer service at your location because your customers will feel much happier if they think they are getting their money's worth with its beverage selection.

Consider switching to a soda fountain machine to improve your food service business. Soda equipment offers several benefits: cost savings, consistency, convenience, versatility, and sustainability. Meeting customer preferences and providing value through these machines can help foster loyalty and create a positive dining experience. To learn more, contact Sea Breeze today to speak with someone on our team.

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