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Something New Coming Soon: Margaritas on Tap from Sea Breeze

Updated: Jun 30

Sea Breeze Margarita on Tap

Over the past ten years, there has been a significant disruption in the cocktail market in the United States. According to Liz Paquette, Drizly’s head of consumer insights, “Margaritas are the most popular cocktail in the United States.” In a recent statistical study, along with the Moscow Mule and Espresso Martini, which come in second and third, respectively, the margarita is more than just a seasonal drink. It’s not hard to see why, with the perfect combination of tequila with tangy and sweet flavors that create a delicious drink celebrated worldwide.

At Sea Breeze, we’re working on something fascinating for 2024. Starting this Spring, Sea Breeze will launch our brand-new margarita mix on tap! Soon, you will be able to serve tasty margaritas quickly with a simple push of a button, all from a company that has been providing premium beverages on tap since 1925.

Given the popularity of Margaritas, you will now have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars by not having to rent or even purchase expensive commercial margarita machine makers from a restaurant supply company that can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $6,000. 

Here is a fun fact: Did you know that each year, on February 22nd, we celebrate National Margarita Day? As we get ready to provide you with something new on tap this Spring, in this article, we will examine some of the factors that have made margaritas America’s new favorite cocktail.

Perfectly Balanced Taste 

The classic margarita, as we have become accustomed to, serves a delightful equilibrium between sweet, sour, and salty. The tartness of lime juice meets the sweetness of orange liqueur (think triple sec or Cointreau), while the salted rim adds a savory taste that awakens your senses each time your mouth touches your glass. This play of flavors is universally appealing and entices the palate.

Versatile in Nature 

Margaritas are endlessly customizable and are a bartender's best friend. They require few ingredients and are quick to whip up, minimizing wait times and maximizing efficiency. This ease of preparation makes them a profitable choice for bars and restaurants.

From the type of tequila (blanco, reposado, añejo) to the sweetness level and the addition of fruit flavors, there's a margarita variation to suit every taste. This adaptability keeps the drink exciting and broadens its appeal.

Of course, what's a great cocktail without the proper food pairing? Margaritas' flavors complement various foods, predominantly Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine. This versatility makes them ideal for restaurants offering these culinary styles, further boosting their year-round popularity.

Always Refreshing  

The combination of citrus and tequila creates a cool, refreshing sensation, perfect for beating the heat or enjoying a warm day. This refreshing quality makes margaritas ideal for poolside sipping or kicking off a fun night out. Salting the rim, squeezing fresh limes, and shaking the drink creates a mini-ritual that adds to the enjoyment. It's a shared experience that feels special and contributes to the overall positive perception of the drink.

The margarita's enduring popularity at bars and restaurants stems from its deliciousness, festive and ritualistic nature, and practical advantages for patrons and establishments. It's a drink that tantalizes the taste buds, fuels good times, and keeps bartenders and bar owners happy. 

So, the next time you see a margarita on a menu, remember that it's not just a drink; it's a cultural phenomenon and a testament to the power of perfectly balanced flavors and good vibes. If you’d like to speak to Sea Breeze, contact us on our website today to learn more. 

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