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Enhancing Senior Living: the Key Role of Beverage Solutions

Senior living dining rooms are now renowned for offering restaurant-quality experiences. Beyond the caregivers, the food and beverages served, including Sea Breeze's premium offerings, significantly enhance residents' quality of life. The evolution of food and beverage services in long-term care is a testament to this. 

Did you know that many residents in a senior living community visit their dining room twice or thrice daily? Sea Breeze has been serving senior living facilities with premium beverages on top in the New York and New Jersey markets. 

We ask our industry partners the same two questions every time: Do you have a specific program in mind, such as commercial coffee machines or fruit juice dispensers? Do you want to feature specialty items but are still determining what beverages older adults will enjoy or appreciate?

To help answer that question, based on our experience serving this segment, this article will discuss the best beverage solutions for senior living facilities.


It's no surprise that older adults are heavy consumers of coffee products, and that never changes, even when they reside in a senior care home. Here is an interesting fact from a recent research study: consuming coffee reduces the risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s in seniors. As senior living facilities, your role in offering various coffee options to cater to resident preferences and health needs, including the growing demand for iced coffee, is crucial.

Another reason coffee has become popular is the social aspect. Coffee can be a great way to spark conversation and memories, and for this reason, many senior centers have coffee hours, where all the residents get together and can spend quality time with each other.


Another no-brainer is that senior living facilities should ideally offer a variety of juices to meet the needs and preferences of their residents. In recent years, juice has been given a health boost. Today's juice varieties cover every aspect and provide a bit of goodness with each glass; for seniors lacking vitamins or supplements, juice fortified with calcium, vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants can be a great drink.

Juice offers several advantages, making it a popular drink in senior living facilities. These include but are not limited too:

Easy consumption: 

As we age, chewing and swallowing can become more complex. Juice, with its smooth consistency, is easier to manage than solid food for some seniors. Sea Breeze recently developed a product for this reason alone. Sea Breeze Thickened Water, a 3-gallon bag-in-box product, offers a smooth nectar and honey-thickened water consistency, promoting both acceptance and safety for individuals with dysphagia.

Nutrient boost: 

A glass of juice can provide a concentrated dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from fruits and vegetables. This can be helpful for seniors who may struggle to get all the nutrients they need from whole foods due to smaller appetites or difficulty chewing.


Staying hydrated is essential for everyone, but especially for seniors. Juice can be a refreshing and flavorful way to encourage fluid intake.

Digestive health: 

Some juices, like prune juice, can help promote regularity.

Appetite stimulation: Juice's bright colors and sweet flavors can appeal to seniors with decreased appetites.

Flavored Waters

The market for flavored waters has increased significantly over the past few years. The market growth is fueled by the rising organized retail sector and increased health awareness, and it is expected to grow to a USD 37.65 billion industry by 2031. Flavored water provides a healthy and appealing way to keep seniors hydrated, crucial for their overall health and well-being.

Speaking of keeping hydrated, Dehydration is a common concern for seniors, as they may feel thirsty or need to remember to drink fluids regularly. Flavored water can make water more appealing, encouraging them to drink more throughout the day. One of the benefits of flavored water is the various flavors available. As taste buds can change with age, plain water may seem bland to some seniors. Flavored water offers a refreshing alternative that still hydrates effectively.


These are just some beverage solutions Sea Breeze provides for senior living care facilities. The goal is to provide seniors with the best healthy and refreshing beverages possible. By prioritizing a diverse and thoughtful beverage selection, senior living facilities can significantly enhance the lives of their residents. If you want to learn more about our beverage solutions, please contact our team today!

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