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Is Soda from Fountain Dispensers Different than Bottled?

Sea Breeze Soda Fountain Dispensers

Soda is a popular drink among consumers in the United States and worldwide. According to studies, more than half of Americans are regular soda drinkers. Many soda lovers have their favorite flavor or type of soda and a preferred way to serve it. Everyone has their personal preferences, from cans and soda fountains to bottles and cans.

According to forecasts, the revenue of the non-alcoholic drink market in the United States is expected to increase by 81.9 billion dollars between 2023 and 2027. Significant research has been conducted on the consumer preference for soda machines over cans and bottles.

Science is behind the delicious taste of soda. Although the soda companies claim to use the same ingredients as bottled soda, there may be a slight taste difference between the two. Unlike bottled drinks, fountain soda maintains a consistent temperature throughout dispensing, providing a refreshingly cold drink. The pressure and temperature are precisely controlled to maintain a consistent carbonation level.

In this insightful article, we will explore other factors contributing to fountain dispensers offering a better alternative to bottled soda drinks for business owners.

Fresh Taste: As mentioned earlier, this significantly impacts quality and taste. Most people like the taste of soda fountains. The syrup could be mixed with carbonated water before drinking, giving it a more vibrant, fresher flavor.

The syrup and water in canned and bottled sodas are pre-mixed, which can cause some flavor degradation with time. Freshness is one of the best benefits of soda fountain beverages. Soda fountains have a more vibrant and fresher taste than bottled drinks. Bottled beverages don't have the same flavor and fizz because they are kept longer.

Product Reliability: Fountain drinks have a more consistent flavor. People can rely on a consistent taste because of the precise measurements for carbonation and syrup. Fountain sodas are more carbonated than canned or bottled drinks.


The CO2 pressure is high in the fountain, but a bottle or a can will lose some carbonation once it is opened. It's no wonder that so many fast-food chains use fountain drinks. They can be sure of a flavorful and fresh taste.

System Customization: Each flavor can be tailored to suit your preferences. This includes the amount and type of syrup used and flavor combinations. Bottled drinks are not as customizable as soda fountains. Modern technology has enabled interactive soda machines to offer various options.

Environmentally Friendly Choice: Statistics show that younger generations take the preservation of the environment seriously. For this reason, many fast-food and other restaurants prefer soda fountains to alternatives like bottles and cans. We wrote a blog post on this subject, which you can read.

Fountain drinks are better for the planet if you're conscious of your carbon footprint. Refilling the same cup can reduce the use of single-use disposable plastics, and glass cups are a great way to reduce waste.

Here are a few of the reasons why consumers choose soda fountain drinks. And, of course, to answer our original question, yes, fountain soda is different from bottled soda, and in a good way. Please contact the team at Sea Breeze today if you'd like to know more.

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